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C10 Construction in Conway's Game of Life has only very recently been possible due to new discoveries and development. We now have SpaceShips that move SLOWLY enough so that much faster signal and even logic circuitry is possible within them. This has enabled some of the most fascinating construction now taking place; this website is an attempt to be a valuable go-to resource. You will find C10 Construction Fascinating and Absorbing !

We have posted first zipfile to our REPO !

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About C10.Conway.Life :

This WebSite is Dedicated to the Memory of
John Horton Conway
who was taken from us by covid
on the 50th Anniversary of his famous
Conway's Game of Life.
He will be sorely missed, and his many contributions will be a lasting legacy for ALL Humanity.

Here at the C10 Construction Site we will attempt to archive EVERYTHING related/associated with C10 Construction in Conway's Game of Life, as well as stay on top of all news and new development - so please stay tuned !